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outdoor shelves of cabbage hill fertilizer containers

Cabbage Hill Fertilizer Co. Product Line

We’ve designed this revolutionary plant-based fertilizer in four formulas
to meet all your gardening needs.

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label: all-purpose fertilizer

Cabbage Hill Animal-free Fertilizer:


This complete fertilizer is nitrogen-forward enough to support ornamentals, greens, succulents…it’s a fan of all plants. Our All-Purpose fertilizer has no added pH controls and so is intended for a balanced pH- to alkaline pH-loving plant.

label: all-purpose fertilizer

Cabbage Hill Animal-free Fertilizer:


My real passion for plants started with growing food. It was with our nutritious fruits and vegetables in mind that I created our flagship organic vegetable fertilizer. I added additional phosphorus and potassium to encourage flowering and fruiting as well as increased calcium to keep soils more alkaline over time and to support tomato plants and their blossom end rot.

label: all-purpose fertilizer

Cabbage Hill Animal-free Fertilizer:


Our Acid Fertilizer has all the wonderful attributes of our Vegetable Fertilizer but we have added sulfur and cottonseed meal to give your acid-loving plants a lower pH. There’s also slightly more potassium in our acid fertilizer…acid plants just seem to like that. This is perfect for blueberries, strawberries, azalea, camellia, gardenia and makes hydrangeas blue.

label: all-purpose fertilizer

Cabbage Hill Animal-free Fertilizer:


The newest member of the family: our Houseplant Fertilizer is higher in nitrogen and has a little less soil boosters since houseplants generally grow in less soil than outdoor plants. This gives our Houseplant Fertilizer a more concentrated nutrition as they receive fertilizing less often.

You can’t easily overfeed your plants when your inputs are all-natural like those in Cabbage Hill Fertilizers. In contrast, feeding plants with synthetic or chemical fertilizers can cause burns and even contaminate a soil over time.

Our fertilizers are available in the traditional formulation: a granular blend; as well as in soluble, concentrate blends for liquid root and foliar feeding.

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Granular Fertilizer

Cabbage Hill Animal-Free Granular Fertilizer is finely ground so it is accessible to your plants faster than a time-release formula. These fertilizers are a balanced blend of macro- and micro-nutrients and contain lab-guaranteed levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, as well as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, zinc, manganese, copper, molybdenum and iron. I use 1lb of fertilizer/10 cubic feet on new gardens but feel free to fertilize with your soul. A soil test on existing gardens can also help determine what your plants may be missing. Since our fertilizers are all-natural, plants and soil know how to assimilate these fertilizers; because the ingredients are organic, they won’t burn your plants or contaminate your soil. You can mix the fertilizers in with your soil when planting or use the trough method to side-dress heavy feeders throughout the season. Rest easy knowing you have found the most ethical and effective fertilizer on the market.

bottles of cabbage hill fertilizer co. soluble concentrate fertilizer arranged on soil

Soluble Concentrate Fertilizer

Cabbage Hill Animal-Free Concentrates dissolve easily in water and can be used as a robust root drench . A liquid fertilizer delivers enrichment quickly and is a great plant food between seasonal dry fertilizer applications. With our soluble Concentrates, you can mix your liquid fertilizer as you need it. Cabbage Hill Concentrates contain the same effective fertilizers as our granular formula…just soluble! Our animal-free, balanced, regenerative fertilizers increase plant vitality, improve root systems and feed soil nutrients naturally. With our soluble Concentrates, you can mix your liquid fertilizer as you need it. I sprinkle some at the bottom of my watering can or if I’m bottom feeding my houseplants I add the concentrate to water in a bowl and sit the plant in the water. Our concentrates need a little agitation to dissolve as they are organic materials and not synthetic. Generally the ratio is 2 T per gallon but fertilize with your soul. Because our fertilizers are all natural and organic you can’t burn your plants. And since they are all-animal free, your conscience won’t burn either.